Thursday, January 5, 2012

Medjool Date & Orange Scones, another recipe from The Modern Pantry

I love scones, always have, when walking home from high school I would stop at a local bakery and buy a fruit scone to cheer myself up. I hated school, so marking the end of a bad day with a great scone was always something to look forward to.

The recipes calls for Medjool dates which I did not have but the juicy dates I had left over from Christmas seemed a good swap. They came from the lovely Persepolis along with a lot of other delightful goodies.

Scones take so little time to mix together and then only 12 minutes to bake so they are the perfect thing for baking on a whim when you decide you want something good with your coffee.

These scones were no disappointment, lovely and tender, not too sweet, just perfect.

Makes about 12, some for now some for the freezer.

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