Sunday, April 15, 2012

So So Soda Bread

I have no idea why but I have never been enthusiastic about soda bread, but I love scones.

The ingredients, proportions and the method are not so dissimilar between the two, but for me the results are quite different. When I want something quick and savoury I always make cheese scones rather than a soda bread.

I still feel this way about soda bread despite making a quite tasty loaf of oatmeal soda bread for this weeks #shortandtweet challenge. Of the recipes up for trying I opted for the Oatmeal soda bread which has you making a porridge with the oatmeal before adding the other ingredients. You bake the batter in a square tin rather than a loaf or free form shape.

We ate the bread fresh from the oven with a ploughman's type lunch. I liked the chewy crust but found the crumb a little too damp for my taste.

I will try again with Dan Lepard's breakfast soda which uses baking powder rather than just baking soda. It seems a little wasteful but when my bread baking does not go as well as planned I have some 'ladies'  who are always grateful for anything other than chicken pellets and they are rather pleased when the baking is under par.

Meet Louise and Thelma, otherwise known as useless and the layer.

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  1. I'm utterly smitten by your recycling system although for some reason, useless and the layer puts me in mind of Pinky and the Brain. Someone asked me if useless and the layer meant that I'd mis-read and they were really Thelma and Louis rather than Louise :)

    I'll be interested to know how you fare with the breakfast soda. I've realised that I must mend my ways and bake this despite the associations for me.

    I've included your post in shortandtweet 24 compendium - thank you.