Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Should Cocoa - June 2012 Challenge

For my first post to the #WeShouldCocoa challenge I have gone for something really easy but rather appropriate for a wet and windy June day in the westcountry. This month's mystery ingredient is coffee and is being hosted by The Kitchen Maid.

When I started thinking about what to do I found quite a few cake and biscuit recipes that combine chocolate and coffee but I was smitten as soon as I saw this recipe for the drink bicerin on David Lebovitz's blog Living the Sweet Life in Paris.

It is basically a three layered drink of rich hot chocolate topped with strong espresso and then a float of whipped cream on top.

Comparing my picture below with the one on David's web site you will notice my bar skills are sadly lacking. My layers are not very clear and the top has quite a lot of coffee breaking into the cream but perhaps more practice is needed! I decided to serve a few chunks of toasted almond chocolate bark along side. The bitterness from the almonds complements the sweetness from the hot chocolate.

Whatever you serve with it, it is a great drink on a grey day.

David gives full instructions on his website so please hop over there if you want to have a try. It is a great website. If you have not visited before don't peep now unless you have lots of time. I can lose myself for hours reading and rereading this great blog.

For further information on WeShouldCocoa challenges see choclogblog


  1. This looks fantastic. I am so impressed with anyone that can do layers in drinks. Looks way too precise for someone as impatient as me. Great idea for We Should Cocoa - thanks for joining in.

  2. Agree with Choclette, this looks fantastic. I love David Lebovitz's blog (though find him annoying on Twitter), good idea to go there for inspiration. Great to find your blog and thanks for joining in #weshouldcocoa this month.