Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Recipes #26 cuttings, memories and clippings

This month's Random Recipe Challenge is to pick a random recipe from your collection of cuttings and clippings. Dom at belleaukitchen runs this challenge and I was delighted when we got to choose from our hoarded recipe cuttings.

I have a box file in which I put all of my hand written and torn out recipes. I have to confess that most of the recipes in it have never been used but I take comfort from knowing they are sitting there patiently waiting for the right moment.

So to get started I spread out the content of the box file. I closed my eyes and pulled out 5 different pieces of paper and then threw them up in the air and with my eyes still closed selected the first one I touched and it was a very old hand-written recipe card for chick pea pancakes or socca/farinata.  I have long wanted to try making these but have never quite got around to it. 

I even bought some chick pea flour from a Persian food store back in December but this is roasted chickpea flour and some suggest unroasted would be better.

The list of ingredients is very simple , just chickpea flour, water, olive oil and salt and optional cumin seed.
I soon realised I had written down very little detail on how to cook these lovelies so I quickly found much more detailed information over on David Lebovitz's blog.

I spent a long time trying to correctly season my cast iron skillet but alas my pancake still stuck.

So when I served my pancake I folded it in half to try and keep the best side showing.

My socca pancake was served with a feta, tomato and olive salad, for a light supper and it went very well but I would try and get an unroasted flour next as the one I used had a very slight grittiness to it which was a little off putting. 

For the full round up of recipes from this challenge check back on Dom's site Challenge #26-cuttings & memories in a few days time.

Random Recipes #26 - March