Friday, October 25, 2013

Pita au Chocolat

I live many miles from any half decent bakeries that might turn out a pain au chocolat worth the calories so when nothing but a freshly prepared 'chocolate pastry' will do this in my book is a pretty good and near instant alternative (all things considered).

I have been a fan of pita bread since I was a student, which is now ancient history, so I am a little biased when it comes to selling the virtues of the humble pita.  So here you are, two ingredients, about two minutes prep and you have a freshly warm from the toaster chocolate 'pastry'.

I start by splitting the pita in half before toasting. Time is of the essence once toasted and you do not want too many holes and splits created as you pull the toasted pita apart.

Have your chosen chocolate at the ready and thinner squares are best here to aid rapid melting. I like to use about a 60% plain chocolate, fairly sweet as plain chocolate goes, but still with enough cocoa flavour to pack aroma once melted.

Toast the pita halves briefly so that they are really hot through but not starting to go at all crispy. Then split each half to make the 'pockets'. Try not to make holes unless you like messy chocolate fingers.

Now working quickly, pop the slabs of chocolate into your pita pockets and push together to aid the melting. If you have used quite thick chocolate you may need to give the filled pocket a brief warm either by popping into the microwave for a few seconds (no more) or placing the pocket on top of the still warm toaster (risky this one as you may end up with chocolate inside the toaster).

You might also want to add a healthy fruit garnish at this stage.

Then as soon as you have a good melt on the chocolate and while the whole thing is still nice and warm enjoy!

Beats a pop tart any day.

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