Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cocktails and Canapes for Women's World Cup 2015: Brazil

Tonight Brazil played  Australia so my theme had to include beef and barbecue style cooking. Brazil crashed out of the tournament losing one nil to Australia, and I really did not expect that but Australia must be feeling on top of the world.
My barbecue beef was inspired by the traditional Brazilian use of a cut of beef near to the rump called the picanha. Different countries cut their meat very differently so I am using a thick slice of rump steak that is pretty close to the traditional picanha or rump cap. It was simply cooked with nothing more than sea salt added. There are some good notes on this Australian web site on How to cook beef rump cap - picanha. I have a bought 'Brazilian style' barbeque sauce to serve with it, that may be completely inauthentic, but I was feeling lazy and it tasted fine.
The drink has to be Caipirinha which is often referred to as Brazil's national cocktail, made with cacha├ža, ice, sugar, and lime.
This is so simple but so good. You muddle sugar, cracked ice and lime and add the cachaca spirit which is made from sugar cane. Here are some instructions from About Food website
Tomorrow England play off against Norway and Pimms will be on the menu!

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