Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cheese & Football Feast day 6: Albania

I have been trying to cook cheese based dishes to match the countries playing in the Euro2016 football tournament but there are a few countries that have been a little difficult to find authentic recipes for. I chose Albania for day 6 but I know nothing of Albanian cuisine and if I am honest I could not have even put Albania on the map until I started looking for suitable recipes. I am trusting the internet on this one but this dish did turn up on a few sites, so I give you Byrek ose Lakor - Albanian Leek Pie.
I could not find any Albanian beers or wine, so as Albania played France I have chosen French Meteor beer.

The pie is filled with finely sliced leeks, cottage/farmers style cheese, feta, and flavoured with fresh thyme. The recipe is to be found on the Global Table Adventure site. I chose to serve mine with a roasted pepper and tomato sauce.

The recipe makes quite a lot of pie (serves 8) so I split mine into two smaller pies. I sealed the first one quite well but not so well the second. The lid is being placed on quite a liquid filling which gets a bit tricky if the pasty lid is not quite big enough!
But either way they taste good.

Day 7 sees Germany play Poland and I'm cooking a main course of German Flammekueche and a Polish baked cheesecake for dessert.

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