Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cider Vinegar Muffins from Dan Leppard's Short & Sweet

Having recently been given 'Short & Sweet' it seemed a good idea to join the shortandtweet challenge by cooking up one of this week's chosen recipes. I am starting with the cider vinegar muffins as english muffins are one of my favourite snack foods. The last time I made muffins I was using a sourdough recipe and I really liked the results. I was hoping the cider vinegar in this recipe would add a similar tanginess to these muffins but the end result was just not quite as good as I had hoped.

I found these a little cakey and although the recipe is richer than a lot I think the texture may have been more down to my flour than the added egg and butter of this recipe.

Dan Lepppard suggests the inital stove top cooking is done in a heavy frying pan with a lid. I have had a welsh griddle pan for some time now and always use it for drop scones and muffins so I just used this with a wok lid on top of the griddle to create the steam and it worked well.

Now I am a bit of a lazy girl so instead of cutting out round muffins I just divided the dough into 9 squares, which is suggested in the recipe so don't tut if you think they should be round, Dan said it was ok too.


  1. Welcome to #shortandtweet. I am gazing upon your griddle with some envy.

    Which flour did you use for these (I'm terminally curious about such details)?

    I have a feeling that, as per usual, I, too, shall cut these into squares/rectangles rather than rounds (I will stuff mushrooms but cutting out and re-rolling just strikes me as needless faff when I'm a tad time-crunched).

    Is it OK if I reproduce one of your photographs in the compilation this week?

  2. Hi, and thank you for your comment,

    I bought the griddle when I was a student in Bristol and it brings back happy memories.

    The flour I used came from the Town Mill Bakery cafe in Plymouth. I went there soon after they had opened the Plymouth branch and loved the place.

    The label on the flour is simply 'Our White Flour' but they say it comes from Stoate & Sons at Cann Mills. The flour is apparently from a blend of high protein wheat but there is no breakdown of protein percentages. It is a lovely creamy colour.

    Would be delighted for you to reproduce any of the photos.