Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baps, Barm Cakes, What Would You Call Them?

My second challenge recipe this week from #shortandtweet is the Soft Baps.

Only last weekend I was scouring the shelves of Holsworthy Waitrose looking for a good soft roll with which to make a lunchtime bacon buttie, and came away empty handed.

There was not a soft roll to be had that did not have an ingredient list that read like a chemistry class or had no information at all. I had some of the finest bacon ever in my fridge at home and I was not about to wrap it in anything but flour, yeast, salt and water.

Well now I have some very fine soft baps in my freezer so an impromtu perfect bacon buttie is now a real possibility rather than a dream.

Dan Leppard's recipe for these baps leaves you shaping the buns in a more typical domed round but for me a bap should always be slightly flattened so I did just that. I could possibly have baked them for a tad less time as the flattening out does speed up the baking but I think you can see from the photo they still have a beautiful thin (and soft)  crust. This was the first time I had seen the addition of cornflour to a bread roll recipe and perhaps this is the secret to the tender crust. I was using a strong canadian bread flour from waitrose so the softness was nothing to do with a lack of gluten in the flour.

I can never make floury rolls without thinking about my mother-in-law who always refers to these as Barm Cakes, an expression I had never heard of until meeting her. That said, I was brought up in the south and this does seem to be a bit of a North West England turn of phrase. What would these be called in your part of the world?


  1. How strange, I just googled baps and barm cakes to find out where they are from and find your blog - Im from the North West but live in mid Devon! I have no idea what to call 'em anymore, cant remember! Will have a good look at your blog, looks interestin, Ive got one too but am starting to lose interest - and time!

  2. Hi Louise and thank you for leaving a comment and I do hope you find some useful info here on my blog. I am trying to spend more time on it this year, I did lose the will to write last year. Hope you are surviving the deluge!

  3. These are called barm cakes or flour cakes in the bolton area once you get down to the midlands the called buns or baps stange different areas different meaning