Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First book purchase of the year

My first new book for 2012 is Anna Hansen's The Modern Pantry and the first recipe made out of that book is the granola, or 'Honey-Roasted Oats, Seeds and Nuts' as it is titled in the book lets just call it granola. My usual recipe  is from the delicious magazine web site and has a higher ration of nuts and seeds, and it uses butter whereas Anna's recipe uses olive oil, but I like the New Year simplicity of this one.

 I really followed the recipe which is a bit hard for me but I have promised myself I will do it more often and it certainly worked over Christmas when following the timings exactly I ended up with the best roast goose I have ever done, and it was no more diffucult to do than making it up as I went along, so lesson learnt.

Now granola is jolly useful stuff not just sprinkled on cereal in the morning but great on yoghurt. It makes an instant fruit crumble if you have some left over cooked fruit which you can warm up quickly in the microwave and then just top it off with this delicious stuff. Canned custard is optional but in my book very good. Some junk foods really have a place in life and ready made custard is one of them. I always have a can in the larder, full fat version though please, none of that skimmed stuff and do be careful you don't pick up rice pudding by accident, the labels on the tins can be almost identical.

So here it is Modern Pantry Granola: oats, olive oil, brown sugar, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, hazelnuts and white & black sesame seeds, all toasted to a nutty goodness.

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