Thursday, January 26, 2012

No Ordinary Carrot Soup

I feel like I am on a soup roll at the moment as the last two soup making sessions in a row have produced incredible results.

Last weeekend I made a huge batch of Butternut Squash, Maple and Ginger Soup, with Spiced Butter and Pumpkin Seeds from the beautifully illustrated and written blogsite eggsontheroof. This was by far the best squash soup I have ever made and today I hit on the best carrot soup I have ever made.

Sally Butcher's Carrot & Cardamom soup taken from her wonderful book Veggiestan is quite a stunner. I love cardamom so had no hesitation about the spicing and this really does strike a wonderful balance with a combination of cardamom, turmeric, fresh ginger and the sharpness of orange and lime juice; all mellowed out by the addition of a little coconut milk.

I used blood orange juice and chantenay carrots from my lovely Devon based Hallwood Fresh Veg box and I'm sure that the quality of their produce added to the punchiness of the flavours  but this really is a good recipe.

If you have the book I commend it to you and if you haven't it's a really good reason to buy the book, on offer as always at amazon.

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