Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cannot Eat Just One Spelt & Ginger Cookies

For this week's shortandtweet challenge I chose the Spelt and Ginger Cookies. The week had  started cold and frosty so a sweet spicy cookie seemed the perfect promise for an afternoon's baking and I cannot resist the smell of freshly baked ginger cookies.

I attempted to work up an appetite by walking into work instead of taking the car. There is an element of laziness to this as I hate the fuss of defrosting car windows and sitting impatiently while the fan clears all the condensation off the inside windscreen. My walk takes little over 25 minutes and  I always feel I could be there in the time all the defrosting takes. 

It is also a very beautiful walk and on a crisp morning can be quite stunning. This is the view as I leave the cycle path and join the main road.

After about ten minutes on a very narrow pavement with lorries almost brushing past I leave the road  again and head up the drive to where I work, passing some beautiful trees as I go.

The sun is still very low in January and can light up the fields as it peeps over the hill tops.

By one o'clock when I am walking back the only blue element of blue monday is the sky. 

So after a brisk walk home it is into the kitchen for a bit of baking.

Now these cookies are super fast to make and bake and all can be done in one bowl so they are just the job for instant gratification on a cold day.

I have pictured the cookies still on the trays. The furthest tray has almost cooled and the cookies have become quite flat while the nearest one is just out of the oven and still puffed.

Comparing my cookies with the picture in the Short and Sweet book my mixture was a little too wet, and spread too flat, but that did nothing to spoil the deep gingery flavour that you get from using both the powdered spice and chopped stem ginger. I had tried to weigh everything out carefully but I was using a duck egg yolk and these can be a little bigger than chicken egg yolks so that may have been the reason for flatter cookies.

If you have the book do make these as they are really moreish and hard to resist one after another once you taste them. The recipe uses spelt flour which you can find in quite a few shops now. The flour I used was from Bacheldre mill and their web site  bacheldremill also carries a copy of this ginger cookie recipe

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  1. Your photographs were very welcome at exactly the point that I saw them and I yearned for similarly tranquil landscapes.

    My spelt and ginger neither puffed or much nor spread/settled much - I tested the bicarb and it's not that. I used white spelt rather than regular and wonder if this made a difference - albeit the flavour was everything I'd want.

    Thanks for contributing to the #shortandtweet 12 cookie compilation.